Top of The Premier League at Christmas

Annual Christmas fixtures come devil, this year’s Christmas fixtures for the sale of the Serie A matches, the premier 3, 7 days 3 days 2 Serie A, although intensive competition for the players is a big test of fitness, but also focus on the global fans attention, for the league is of big significance to promote. Title race: Manchester city VS Liverpool. The game in the on January 4, 2019, belongs to the 12th round the focal point of the war, is also the premier league is the most important game this season, the league 2 ranked against the Liverpool, Manchester city the city behind 4 points, Liverpool will directly decide the game to the premiership title this season, its importance is self-evident. City have suffered two defeats in their last three league games and Guardiola has suffered the consequences of his insistence on rotation, which has been blamed on injuries suffered by key players including Dbraun and Aguero. Although they are recovering from a new injury, it is understandable that coach Guariola is afraid to start his players in order to protect them. With the devil’s schedule step by step, the rotation strategy of Manchester city will gradually show an advantage, after all, Manchester city bench depth is not comparable to other teams in the premier league. Centre-forward Jingdong An, DE Braun, B xi, David Silva, Maerres, Delf, Ferdinand, zchenko can participate in the rotation. Striker Sanet, Sterling, Aguero, Theroux can also play.

Manchester city galloping English premier league biggest rely on is a strong attack force, the first 18 league scored 50 goals is a clear proof, at present in the attack players are healthy, the probability of Manchester city back catch up more. Liverpool have been on a roll recently, with 15 wins and three draws unbeaten in 18 league games, making them the only team in the premier league to remain unbeaten. Liverpool still have a tough game against Arsenal ahead of their clash with footballers in Manchester city football shirt, which is a test of their already thin squad. This season by the love and the premier league 18th round of van dyke in the centre of defence, conceding only seven goals is lost the ball the fewest of the premiership, but they almost keep the attendance this season, the league, the champions league and the European league are starting to play, in which love Aaron in this summer’s World Cup on behalf of Croatia in the final, the player doesn’t have time to relax and physical reserves into the bottleneck period, and reserve centre-half Matip and Joe.

Gomez is injury, he’s had to rove and van dyke continued to play. Striker Trimarone, Phil Miroslo and Salah Abdeslam have also played in succession, with only one striker available as a substitute, Shakri’s main position in the attack midfield and main midfielder chamberlain out of pocket for the season. Liverpool do not have the ability to match the top of the players, and the “slag uncle” oppression of the physical requirements of the game is very high, the devil’s schedule of Liverpool and Manchester city is difficult to contend.

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