Raheem Sterling — A World-Class Player

Manchester City is trying to find one more goal at Cardiff in September; in the meantime, Leroy Sane is trying to go towards the area. In other words, no space is available to Raheem Sterling’s blistering runs. Sane passes the ball to his teammates, taking favorable space among five competitive defenders. It means he go towards the “D” prior to Manchester City’s spring to life.

After catching a quick gesture, the Germany international perceives the far corner and seizes up opportunities with a sharp ball. The competition is finished with a superb end but the goal owes Sterling’s coolness among all footballers. It is just one contribution of Sterling in the first three months of the season. The results also scatter all doubts involving whether he belongs to the Premiere League.

Viewing from statistics and results, all impress me are many goals and eleven assists, only second to the teammate Sergio Aguero. Actually, numbers of goals and assists are eight, which fails to live up to football fans’ expectations. Nonetheless, no one could provide one more assist in the area, comparing to his five. Even Mohamed Salah is the only one football player who has kicked the football when he was surrounded by competitive rivals. We could see his threaten imposing on other football clubs for unerring productivity.

Although having become the expected excellent football player, who has moved to football club Liverpool from Queens Park Rangers at the age of 15. At present, he has to overcome pressures from all people’s scrutiny and unfair attention. That is not fair for him. Now many people believe he is a world-class football player, but, for most people known him, it needs some time to struggle with great pressure.

A former teammate says that he could be in the top five wingers. Most people may be reluctant to face the consequence. The football player has played with him in pitches at Queens Park Rangers. The former teammate Sutherland now works for English National League’s Bromley. In the recent days, his comments on the former teammate triggers heated discussions among countless football fans. In addition, Sutherland also speaks highly of his former teammate Harry Kane and remarked them as the best two football players, which mean all merits and abilities of them are good enough and suitable to be classified as the world’s best.

When he played at Queens Park Rangers, it seems that all things are effortless for him. In the meantime, he spent two years on playing two years above his age group. Behind the diminutive frame, magic strength of his football always impresses most of the people. Almost all defenders could not touch the football with him, because they have been bounced off or left behind. Most football fans hope they could see wonderful matches and surprises brought by the excellent football player. Let’s sit back and wait.

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