Chelsea: Reconsider about Leandro Paredes and Gonzalo Higuaín

In spite of close connection with Zenit midfielder and Milan forward, better choices are available to club Chelsea.

At the weekend, Chelsea reversed to the winning directions while their performances at home against Newcastle squad is ordinary rather than surprising. After witnessing narrow win over the opposition, no people were excited for the underwhelming football match. After a wonderful beginning, it’s difficult for them to play the match in the best status.

The most important problem lies in scoring to damage all football games. In the previous 13 football matches, they failed to won scores more than two times in a single match. It’s been a long term since the last time’s two-goal match.

At the time of Cesc Fàbregas‘ depature, Álvaro Morata is finding his method out of the football club this month. It is badly needed the possession-based method. At present, those two footballers are on their wish list. Paredes would be the suitable replacement when it refers to substitute of Fàbregas.

One of his highlight is switch play. Considering his 7.6 accurate long balls in each game, he would be the second outfielder in Premiere League this season, only second to Toby Alderweireld. Sarri known much about Paredes when he played in Italy.

Those two footballers missed an excellent opportunity to play together at Empoli. Then Paredes was loaned to the club several weeks later. At the same time, the manager moved to Napoli. The young footballer aged 24 is famous for his pre-eminent talents in passing; perhaps he is not suitable for Fàbregas. When it comes to impacts in the attacking third, no one would perform better than the footballer. Although Jorginho played the role in controlling football matches from a deeper position, the Argentinian football player inclined to control games in the midfield.

Arrival of the Argentinian means greater responsibility on N’Golo Kanté to support attacks. Club badly need a midfielder to make contributions to goals and assists. Fàbregas have touched the ball in 56 goals, winning 15 and setting up 41. There is no else footballer who won goals or set up over three this season. Up to now, Jorginho has hit the ball in 1997 passes while he only provided one assist.

For Sarri at Napoli, Marek Hamsik was usually a reliable footballer, who contributed 25 goals in total in Serie A. It’s said that Sergej Milinkovic-Savic was a target this summer. He has experienced a disappointing campaign until now. Nevertheless, his consecutive three goals in four football games remind us his outstanding talents in pitches. In last season, The Serb won 12 leagues goals. Considering his contributions of the squad, deserving a revisit.

At the same time, the Brazilian will be given a way out of club Barcelona, in case unrest rumors from Philippe Coutinho convinced the most people. Since Barcelona have closely connected to some footballers this month, it is no doubt that Willian would be a makeweight in football matches.

This summer, Willian will turn to a footballer aged 30. His leaving could give more playing time to Callum Hudson-Odoi, who refused to transfer to Bayern Munich, let alone the approaching arrival of Christian Pulisic.


Premiere League

Premiere League football games are popular and respectful in the world. Reasons include popular football players, fierce competitions, smart skills, tense, etc. It depends on success of footballers and competitiveness between football clubs. Through all football games with else teams, great sponsorship also took effects in football playing.

At present, it’s only two weeks after entering Premiere League games. On the brisk of our seats, we closely note screens for fear of omitting some important information. In the passage, we will review and size up all conditions of many football teams and football players. Besides simple reviews and remarks, we will also estimate tactics of various football clubs in competence of top flight league.

Striking Game Results

Up to now, some football matches are impressive when it refers to how these results have been reached. The first one deserving to review is the football match played on August 11, where Chelsea ended the game with a overwhelming victory — 3-0 win over Huddersfield. Liverpool’s 4-0 win over West Ham is another successful football match. So far, the most spectacular achievement may be one between Man City and Huddersfield.

Together with great victories, there are also many draws from the start games this season, such as draws of Wolves vs Everton, Southampton vs Burnley and Cardiff vs Newcastle.

How they are tiding over?

In the season, three football clubs have been promoted to a higher level for outstanding performances. Some may wonder what strategies they adopted to compete with top flight football clubs. In the following part, we will look into some details of those clubs.

From the beginning of the new tournament, Fulham played against Crystal Palace. For a lack of netting goals, they ended the football match with 2-0. Nevertheless, Fulham netted a goal in a game against Tottenham Hotspur after the rocky beginning. Although Tottenham Hotspur is the winner of the game, it’s a great progress when compared to the first football match of Fulham. Premiere League kits could be seen in football pitches.

Let’s look away off Fulham and turn to Wolves who started Premiere League games with a draw at 2 all. In addition, Wolves maintained their high possession rate while Everton’s possession rate is lower than that of Wolves. After the game, they also played with Leicester City, in which one more goal was netted while the wrong net lead to their loss to the opposition.

Evolution of Chelsea Football Kits

Over the years, Chelsea nurtures a huge number of football fans, growing into a long standing football team in England. Viewing joining of Hazard, Terry and Lampard, football fans find more reasons to support the English club. As a football club around London, there are many rivals of the football club. They always could stand out with preeminent performances and proud accolades.

Following analysis and comparisons are benefit to looking at historic designs of all Chelsea football kits. One could know more reasons and understand why the special color scheme of home strips could become symbols and highlights today.

Design Connotation of Chelsea Home Shirt

Many may curious about how the blue and black color scheme took hearts of football fans following Chelsea. Since the establishment of Chelsea, all footballers usually donned blue jerseys as their home football kits. But those football jerseys are printed in a lighter blue tone. They often matched with white shorts and socks in blue or black. The inspiration was derived from clothes donning by then president when he watching football games. Nonetheless, other designs integrating different colors could not be accepted and understood by most football fans.

For the purpose of producing more chic, sleek and cohesive jerseys, designers adapt a blue in darker and richer tone. Such adjustments created an excellent look with socks. After donning such kits for a long time, they determined to adjust kits slightly, and that was also adjustments the last time. The color of shorts were determined by that of shirts to forming more harmonious look. In this way, color flow turned nicely on the basis of optimized color scheme. In addition, white details on shorts and shirts are suitable to each other.

Besides, away and third football kits also witnessed adjustments over the years. Usually, away shirts feature yellow or white base colors, combining some blue details. Nonetheless, manufactures attempt to step out of comfort zone to create alternative strips. Such changes could seen on clothes of different kits season by season, which aim at comparing and testing different effects of them. After a series of attempts, manufactures could control stylist of sportswear.

According to previous experience, we remarked four popular and significant jerseys in 1975/77, 1995/97, 2009/10, 2012/13 season  respectively. Certainly, some will be hit and some will be missed by football fans. Some manufactures believe they should change shirts, adding more interests to them. In general, every significant shirt features special meaning, such as a successful match or winning.

Manufactures produced home shirts in 1975/77 season in simple white collar with the prominent blue base color. Because of hidden meaning of the club, home football shirts in this season are popular among many football fans. The football club was promoted to Premiere Leagues under the lead of then captain Ray Williams. For a connection with a big success, Chelsea home football kits became significant for the end of 26-year-long trophy drought history. And home kits in 2012/13 also won support from football fans for non-red details.

Top of The Premier League at Christmas

Annual Christmas fixtures come devil, this year’s Christmas fixtures for the sale of the Serie A matches, the premier 3, 7 days 3 days 2 Serie A, although intensive competition for the players is a big test of fitness, but also focus on the global fans attention, for the league is of big significance to promote. Title race: Manchester city VS Liverpool. The game in the on January 4, 2019, belongs to the 12th round the focal point of the war, is also the premier league is the most important game this season, the league 2 ranked against the Liverpool, Manchester city the city behind 4 points, Liverpool will directly decide the game to the premiership title this season, its importance is self-evident. City have suffered two defeats in their last three league games and Guardiola has suffered the consequences of his insistence on rotation, which has been blamed on injuries suffered by key players including Dbraun and Aguero. Although they are recovering from a new injury, it is understandable that coach Guariola is afraid to start his players in order to protect them. With the devil’s schedule step by step, the rotation strategy of Manchester city will gradually show an advantage, after all, Manchester city bench depth is not comparable to other teams in the premier league. Centre-forward Jingdong An, DE Braun, B xi, David Silva, Maerres, Delf, Ferdinand, zchenko can participate in the rotation. Striker Sanet, Sterling, Aguero, Theroux can also play.

Manchester city galloping English premier league biggest rely on is a strong attack force, the first 18 league scored 50 goals is a clear proof, at present in the attack players are healthy, the probability of Manchester city back catch up more. Liverpool have been on a roll recently, with 15 wins and three draws unbeaten in 18 league games, making them the only team in the premier league to remain unbeaten. Liverpool still have a tough game against Arsenal ahead of their clash with footballers in Manchester city football shirt, which is a test of their already thin squad. This season by the love and the premier league 18th round of van dyke in the centre of defence, conceding only seven goals is lost the ball the fewest of the premiership, but they almost keep the attendance this season, the league, the champions league and the European league are starting to play, in which love Aaron in this summer’s World Cup on behalf of Croatia in the final, the player doesn’t have time to relax and physical reserves into the bottleneck period, and reserve centre-half Matip and Joe.

Gomez is injury, he’s had to rove and van dyke continued to play. Striker Trimarone, Phil Miroslo and Salah Abdeslam have also played in succession, with only one striker available as a substitute, Shakri’s main position in the attack midfield and main midfielder chamberlain out of pocket for the season. Liverpool do not have the ability to match the top of the players, and the “slag uncle” oppression of the physical requirements of the game is very high, the devil’s schedule of Liverpool and Manchester city is difficult to contend.

Raheem Sterling — A World-Class Player

Manchester City is trying to find one more goal at Cardiff in September; in the meantime, Leroy Sane is trying to go towards the area. In other words, no space is available to Raheem Sterling’s blistering runs. Sane passes the ball to his teammates, taking favorable space among five competitive defenders. It means he go towards the “D” prior to Manchester City’s spring to life.

After catching a quick gesture, the Germany international perceives the far corner and seizes up opportunities with a sharp ball. The competition is finished with a superb end but the goal owes Sterling’s coolness among all footballers. It is just one contribution of Sterling in the first three months of the season. The results also scatter all doubts involving whether he belongs to the Premiere League.

Viewing from statistics and results, all impress me are many goals and eleven assists, only second to the teammate Sergio Aguero. Actually, numbers of goals and assists are eight, which fails to live up to football fans’ expectations. Nonetheless, no one could provide one more assist in the area, comparing to his five. Even Mohamed Salah is the only one football player who has kicked the football when he was surrounded by competitive rivals. We could see his threaten imposing on other football clubs for unerring productivity.

Although having become the expected excellent football player, who has moved to football club Liverpool from Queens Park Rangers at the age of 15. At present, he has to overcome pressures from all people’s scrutiny and unfair attention. That is not fair for him. Now many people believe he is a world-class football player, but, for most people known him, it needs some time to struggle with great pressure.

A former teammate says that he could be in the top five wingers. Most people may be reluctant to face the consequence. The football player has played with him in pitches at Queens Park Rangers. The former teammate Sutherland now works for English National League’s Bromley. In the recent days, his comments on the former teammate triggers heated discussions among countless football fans. In addition, Sutherland also speaks highly of his former teammate Harry Kane and remarked them as the best two football players, which mean all merits and abilities of them are good enough and suitable to be classified as the world’s best.

When he played at Queens Park Rangers, it seems that all things are effortless for him. In the meantime, he spent two years on playing two years above his age group. Behind the diminutive frame, magic strength of his football always impresses most of the people. Almost all defenders could not touch the football with him, because they have been bounced off or left behind. Most football fans hope they could see wonderful matches and surprises brought by the excellent football player. Let’s sit back and wait.

Who will be the next Arsenal Manager?

Arsène Wenger, the head coach of Arsenal, will leave the club at the end of the 2017-18 season. On 7 May 2018, the last home game led by him was staged at Emirates Stadium and players of Arsenal won 5-0 over Burnley Football Club. Wenger has been coached Arsenal for 22 years since 1996. He helped the squad successfully win three titles of Premier League in the first decade, making him the greatest coach in the history of Arsenal.

After the legendary manager, who will be the next Arsenal Manager?

Joachim Löw and Massimiliano Allegri are undoubtedly tactical masters. Both are first rate in terms of their resume, business abilities, influence and professional coaching experience. Although they are nobodies as former players, they have gradually become stronger from the grassroots coaches, which reflects the division of labor has a great effect on rebuilding and recreating the football industry.

Joachim Löw is currently the head coach of Germany national team, and he has led to victory at the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup. As a prominent manage, Löw was named the Sport Bild German Sports Manager of the Year in 2010, German Football Man the Year in 2011 and 2014 and FIFA World Coach of the Year and World Soccer Awards Manager of the Year in 2014. There are some excellent footballers in Arsenal from Germany, so it maybe a favorable condition for attracting Löw.

Massimiliano Allegri is now in charge of Serie A club Juventus. After he joined the club in 2014, Allegri has helped the club win respectively three consecutive titles of Serie A and Coppa Italia from the 2014-15 season to the 2016-17 season. Accordingly, he got the Serie A Coach of the Year award in 2011, 2015 and 2016.

Even if it is not so strong and excellent like the top European football clubs, Arsenal still has advantages to attract those first rate managers. For example, good geopolitical strengths bring about exposure and influence to a great extent. Other advantages include healthy financial status, outstanding purchasing power, great youth training, a relaxing working environment and so on. Arsenal is one of the most suitable coaching platforms for managers. Therefore, Arsenal holds an initiative in the selection of coaches.

Players of Arsenal try their best to play each game, at the same time, PUMA has provided comfortable match jerseys for them to help athletes perform better on the field.

Arsenal Home Goalkeeper Shirt 2017-2018

The Arsenal home goalkeeper shirt is predominately deep green. It features dot pattern on the long sleeves, which looks particularly striking. Wearing the shirt, fans will be proud because the team crest situated on the chest. Besides, PUMA brand logo and sponsor logo “Fly Emirates” are also placed on the front.

The lightweight goalkeeper shirt allows players run faster on the field. PUMA dryCELL performance fabric wicks sweat away from your skin, ensuring players keep cool and ready during 90 minutes. What’s more, 100% recycled polyester shows PUMA’s environmental awareness.

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The launch of the Championship Training Jersey 2017-18

Manchester City, led by Josep Guardiola Sala, has won the 2017-18 Premier League title ahead of five rounds, which is the fifth Premier League title in the history of Manchester City. It is currently ranked the third after Manchester United(13 titles) and Chelsea(5 titles). In a game against Swansea City AFC at Etihad Stadium, Manchester City won 5-0 over the club. Before the start of the game, players of Manchester City entered the football pitch wearing the special Championship training shirt designed by Nike.

Manchester City Champion Training Jersey 2017-18

The jersey is pure white. In addition, it is also added two diagonal stripes on the front. One is blue sky and another is dark red, which is inspired by Manchester City’s home and away jerseys this season. Nike Swoosh and the club crest are printed on the chest. There is the word “Champions 2017/18” in gold knitted above the team badge to pay tribute to this Premier League championship team. Besides, “CITYZENS” is knitted in the middle of shirt to thank the team fans’ support in each season and to demonstrate the team’s pride.

The back of the shirt is printed with names of all players who have participated in games this season, in recognition of each hardworking player.

Fans are able to buy the shirt at Stadium Store or online stores.

Vincent Jean Mpoy Kompany, born on 10 April 1986, is a professional Belgian footballer and has served as the captain of Manchester City for ten years. He has got Belgian Golden Shoe award and Belgian Ebony Shoe in 2004. Recently, he has won the Premier League title trophy for the club for the third time, becoming one of the captains of clubs competing in Premier League to win the victory after John Terry and Roy Keane.

In 2006, Kompany transferred from Anderlecht to Bundesliga Hamburger SV with a trans fee €8 million. However, he played only 29 times during three seasons. He could be regarded as a forever substitute in Hamburger SV. Therefore, in the summer of 2008, Hamburger sold him for 6 million euros to Manchester City which was not so excellent at that time. When Kompany joined Manchester City, he quickly became a key member and performed so well. It has been 10 years since then and only Joe Hart who has fought with him at that time is still at Manchester City but is loaned to West Ham United.

Although the 32-year-old Kompany suffers injuries this season, and his contract with Manchester City will expire next summer, he, as an excellent, can continue to play for Manchester City for several seasons. On the other hand, Manchester City certainly does not want this meritorious player to leave the team early. In general, the two sides are likely to renew the contract at the end of the 2017-18 season. No one knows whether the captain will win the fourth or even fifth Premier League title for Manchester City. Fans can support the team and look forward to the result in the future.

Chelsea win four consecutive games

Located in London, England, Chelsea Football Club is a professional football club that competes in the Premier League. The squad won the First Division title first in 1955. It has won totally 27 major trophies, including six Premier League titles, seven FA Cups, five League Cups and four FA Community Shields, one UEFA Champions League, two UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups, one UEFA Europa League and one UEFA Super Cup.

The club has played its home games at Stamford Bridge since 1905. Stamford Bridge, commonly known as The Bridge, is a professional football stadium in Fulham, South-West London with a capacity of 41,631 spectators, becoming the eighth largest ground in the 2017-18 Premier League season. It is reported that the stadium is to be expended by the 2023-24 season. Therefore, Chelsea will play home games at Wembley Stadium.

Recently, Chelsea performs well in the 2017-18 Premier League and it has won four consecutive games against Swansea City AFC, Burnley Football Club, Southampton Football Club and Liverpool. If it can perform better, it is possible for Chelsea to play games in the UEFA Champions League Finals.

In this game against Liverpool, Chelsea’s defensive midfielder N’Golo Kanté performed so well. He was the key member in this game. It was he who fought against Liverpool’s whole midfielders. James Milner and Georginio Wijnaldum from Liverpool looked like amateur players in front of him. Kanté’s outstanding performance allowed Chelsea to win 1-0 over Liverpool. In the 2009-10 season, Kanté was also named the PFA Young Player of the Year due to his excellent performance.

Founded in 1905, traditional Chelsea’s home shirts are always blue. Therefore, the club is nicknamed The Blues.

Arsenal 2016-17 Home Football Shirt

Designed and manufactured by Adidas, the brand new home shirt shows a new and modern appearance, at the same time, the shirt shows the profound culture of the club perfectly.

Blue is the most significant symbol of Chelsea, so team players would still wear the blue home jersey for the 2016-17 season. The jersey features a white ribbed V-neckline. “CHELSEA FC” is knitted on the back of the collar. Classic Adidas three stripes in white are put on both sides of the shirt for the first time, symbolizing victory. Indispensable Adidas logo, the club crest and sponsor’s name are shown on the front. Most noticeably, a blue heraldic lion holding a staff in the team badge is full of the shirt, paying tribute to the great club.

The blue shorts and white shorts complete the home kit. Besides, the lion is also shown on the socks.

Adidas adizero technology is used to produce a lighter and more comfortable shirt for players. In addition, Climacool moisture wicking material allows players to keep cool and dry on the field. What’s more, 100% recycled polyester shows the environmental consciousness of Adidas, which reduces the impact on environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Wearing the shirt makes players feel proud. If you also like this well-designed home shirt, you can get it at online stores at low price.